Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Urgent: Board Response

The Haida Corporation Board of Directors is writing this letter in direct response to apparent misinformation transpiring among our shareholders, in regards to the unfounded claims of a fictitious dividend.  The directors also received an email naming certain directors as having voted against said dividend.  First, there was no dividend nor was there a vote to distribute a dividend.  These claims are gossip at best, and hold no factual value.  The Haida Corporation Board of Director’s  were concerned enough to take immediate action in the form of this letter to provide our shareholders with the truth about your questions:

The January 2010 quarterly meeting and agenda in Seattle, Washington  DID NOT have a dividend question presented to the Haida Corporation board of directors. Because there was no agenda item, there was no question presented to our directors in the form of a vote,  therefore, misinformation presented to the public via email or through heresay about who voted against a dividend or any vote regarding a dividend is FALSE.

The Board of directors would like to convey to our shareholders that we are responsible for the financial stability of our company as well as providing direct and honest answers to any questions you may have.  The concerns about the perpetual gossip were addressed during our meetings and we’ve agreed that a response should be posted immediately in a letter to the shareholders in our  upcoming newsletter and on our blog.

The best way to fight rumor mongers is to foster open communication.  The best strategy to fight misinformation is with true information.  When our shareholders know what is going on, you will have less reason to spread gossip. 

The board of directors will address this problem during strategic planning in the form of writing clear policies which give both the board of directors and management recourse when dealing with  rumors or gossip designed to harm both productivity of the board and challenge the financial fitness of our organization.

We appreciate the telephone calls and encourage you continue to ask the right questions.  The strategic planning session in March will address finalizing our fiscal year budget for 2010.  Our board would like our shareholders to know the hydroelectric project, timber contract compliance, the homesites and our financial fitness in a very difficult economic time are our priorities.  With that in mind we as a board plan to move carefully ahead with a vision for a solid financial future.
The Haida Corporation Board of Directors


  1. Are you kidding me with rumor mongers!?!And accusing the shareholders of spreading rumors!! How very insulting to the people who elected you. The fact is that Haida corporation has been in a stand still mode for a long time with no communication to the shareholders on what new investments are on the rise, what the corporation is doing for the shareholders as far as bettering our home town and the people in it. Alot of money is going out to the board of directors every month and YES you are held accountable to the shareholders, You smile at us and ask for our vote and once you get on the board you forget who put you there and suddenly have no time to answer our questions except for a price, that yes WE the shareholders pay you for. Don't you think we deserve better? You accept the responsibility of standing for us and once you are on the board you stand against us. We deserve better! I talk to a few board of directors on line and Adrian Lecornu asked me if there is anything I would like the board to address. That was the first time a Director asked me what my concerns were! I have to admit I was very impressed that he was willing to listen to me. I am only one person and I live very far away but that does not mean I don't care about MY Corporation or my people. We should be providing employment such as a daycare center in hydaburg which will bring in money and also put people to work while caring for our future. There are alot of avenues to take but as long as the board stands against us we can not explore them. Thank You for letting me share.

  2. Speaking about rumors, it was one of the directors who was telling shareholders there was going to be a "BIG" dividend, this was in early summer before the annual meeting. Hmmmm a ploy to get shareholders to vote yes men back in? Everyone knows who the director is that was talking dividend. Shame on you!